Caroline C. Packard, JD Caroline C. Packard, JD

Caroline C. Packard, JD, is a mediator and organizational conflict-resolution specialist with more than thirty years’ experience. She is co-author of The Mediator’s Handbook (4th ed., 2012), and has trained hundreds of mediators.

Caroline’s clients are colleges and universities, churches and synagogues, nonprofit boards, community and arts groups, professional partnerships, family businesses, and couples. She offers mediation, conflict-resolution consulting, complex-meeting facilitation, training, executive coaching, and divorce mediation.

Caroline is a graduate of Yale College and New York University School of Law. She has extensive formal training in organizational systems theory, group dynamics, and psychology. She led Friends Conflict Resolution Programs for fifteen years, and was previously a corporate litigator at Dechert, LLP, and law clerk to a federal judge.

Caroline’s presentation at the Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance’s Summer Roundtable 2015: Mediation and Conflict Resolution in Nonprofits, is described on their website here.  The materials she provided are available in pdf form here:

“Resolving Conflict in Nonprofits,” (c) 2015 Caroline C. Packard. (Brief article.)

Lecture: “Mediation and Conflict Resolution in Nonprofits.” (c) 2015 Caroline C. Packard. (Slides.)

Sample Workshop Agenda, (c) 2015 Caroline C. Packard.